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Sash Tattoo has the most sought-after tattooists. Specialising in all tattoo styles, including colour, realism, black and grey, Chicano, Japanese, oriental, portraits, cover ups and custom design tattoos.

Whatever style of tattoo you are looking for, you can trust Sash and his team and see your dream tattoo come to life at our Sydney tattoo studio.


Need a top-notch Sydney tattoo studio that specializes in unique designs and has a deep love for Japanese tattooing? With the help of our talented staff of Australian and Japanese tattoo specialists, we can make your one-of-a-kind ideas a reality.

We at Sash Tattoo Studio Sydney are proud to be your reliable companion on this artistic path since we know every tattoo has a story. If you’re looking for a beautiful tattoo with cultural importance, go no further than our skilled artists, who specialize in Japanese tattoo styles.

At our studio, we can create custom tattoos that reflect your style, whether it’s a contemporary take on traditional Japanese art or something entirely new and different. We use only the best quality materials and adhere to stringent hygiene standards to promote comfort, safety, and happiness.

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of the best Black and Grey Tattoo Artist Sydney at Sash Tattoo! Our highly trained tattoo artists use their expertise and dedication to transform your ideas into exquisite works of art, carefully crafted on your flesh.

Is finding the Best Tattooist In Sydney vital to you? Well, your quest is over! Our artists are famously one-of-a-kind, precise, and dedicated to producing high-quality work. We offer designs for essential lines or complex examples to satisfy your needs.

Sydney Tattoo Shop

Take a trip to our Sydney tattoo Shop for an unforgettable ink session. Every visit is guaranteed a memorable experience at Sash Tattoo, where your comfort and pleasure are our top priorities. Feel proud to show the world your artwork by becoming one of our many happy customers.

Now is the opportune moment to acquire the tattoo you have long desired. Visit Sash Tattoo today and start exploring your artistic side!

Stop by Sash Tattoo Studio now and let our Japanese tattoo artists immortalise your wildest ideas.


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