Sash Trajkovski

Sash is known for his detailed and intricate work and has worked on some of the most difficult tattoos imaginable. His dedication and commitment to the craft is unparalleled, as he has dedicated himself to perfecting his skill and knowledge of the industry. Sash’s dedication has made him one of the most sought after tattooists in the world and he has built a strong reputation for providing beautiful and unique tattoos in a safe and comfortable environment. His dedication to excellence and quality has been recognised by many prestigious awards and accolades. He has also featured at tattoo conventions and events around the world. Sash’s work is truly inspirational and showcases the incredible level of skill and expertise that he has achieved in the tattoo industry. With over 30 years of experience, Sash is considered one of the world’s leading tattooists and his work is highly sought after by clients around the world. He is a passionate artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries of the tattoo industry, and his work is truly something to behold. Sash has achieved mastery in a wide variety of styles and genres, ranging from realism and black and grey to colour, chicano, Japanese, old skool, new skool, biomechanical, fine line and portraits.

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